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Shadow Bound September Events

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    I really wish to all players from SB not feel that much unbounded as we feel any other games got so much topics etc ... any other R2 games got new events why we can't get ... or even if you don't want put a new new ... why you not use same stuff you give it to as years ago ?? whit and black wings.. phantomas or even other thinks was so exciting to collect all that from eggs... now all same all the time I believe that will make more ppl play this lovely game even with all that bugs you not able to fix ( not able or just not enough time to do so ). I'm sure that game can give more profit to you if you will just make a bit more effort to us. Jumping from one server to other isn't enough any more and I can see by this time month after month ppl leaving not to other R2 game but to other companies and that is not good to your and not even good to ppl who love this game. You still got there hard spenders so ppls do something about it


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      hello a query when they open the server 157 shadowbound help


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        FIX THE OLD SERVERS!!! Stop making new servers, you're just lazy and copy/paste servers, R2. If something goes wrong in the older ones you let them die out, hoping that the players will switch to new servers. FORGET IT!!! I never ever will start ANY game from R2 again. Not just speaking for myself, but for more players from S93, S90 and S99 that don't even bother to report, cause you neber ever fix things.


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          hello I want to know how long the new shadowbound server will open


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            Could we get some new developers who would actually fix things and add new content? No update to the game since the failed cross server arena or did that break the game to the point no one know how to fix anything. Great game waste of anymore money.