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catacombs L50

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  • catacombs L50

    Hello there,

    maybe this question was asked a several times but i am curios... and getting impatient over time.
    I´ve played cata L50 a few hundred times and got 2 mercs till now (Elder Nol and Harpina).
    I have completed the combos of all other catacombs (L55 too) with less than a quarter of that time and already have the hidden ones.
    But it seems to nearly impossible for me to get the last 2...
    I get 1 merc from L50 about every 2-3 weeks (play all 3 attempts every day in L50 and also use the +1 attempt card when i get one) and this is Harpina everytime (~6-7 times, i could bite into my keyboard when i see her ;-))) )
    I would like to know if there is something i can do to finally get at least 1 of the 2 missing?
    If it is no secret: What is the percentage of drop rate? Is it greatly less than the other levels?

    Server: S1 armorgames
    Name: Big Helga

    Thx for an answer
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    the drop rate is the same for all cards..... your best option is to just continue to play the game and do different catacombs, then spilt the merc cards down into potent shards because they are universal shards ( can be used to create any merc of any type )

    I have got esparada 3 times, I already have it but its a hidden card that is worth 18 potent shards each times so thats helping me get the merc cards of lower levels that I am missing.
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      ye i jus started splitting hidden cards to make 50-65 combos

      but ive noticed i have better luck in simple w. merc cards/divine stones/and poraberries


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        Hmmm, OK. I will continue trying and hope to get them somewhen. Let´s see how long it will take.


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          It´s me again. I just wanted to let you know that i received my 8th Harpina in a a row today... I don´t think that this is coincidence....


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            Yeesh! Pass along that luck Helga! I haven't seen a card in ages! Well, aside from ones going to...Other people!
            Hope you get the ones you need soon!


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              Hello, it´s me again...
              and i proudly present: My 9th Harpina, which i got today (screenshot).
              I think this game (and especially cata L50) is hoaxing me.
              The chance to get 9 Harpinas in a row is 0,00015%. So the chance of every other combination (including other mercs) is 99,99985%
              So i implore you to check it. This must definitely a bug... there is no other explanation for it and i am really ****** off.

              Slowly i am losing the interest in this game.

              Thx for your Click image for larger version

Name:	Harpina.jpg
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ID:	1710480help


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                I just want to let you know that i got Harpina Nr. 10 today!!!
                Will you still tell me, that this is not a bug?

                Maybe i get a response this time...


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                  lol its about luck again. because i hve been lv 49 for 4 months to get Anghur from cata 45. and i got him.


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                    for me the hardest one to get is sarama
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                      Congratulations on finally getting a Sarma, Helga
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                        for a month I've gotten only 1 Harpina and I needed 2 to finish my combo (or 1 Sarma).
                        That was the only merc card I've gotten for a month. Decided to check how often was Helga getting them. she got 4 in half a month.
                        I kind a wish I had her luck now xP

                        Few days back I got 2-nd Harpina which I turned into wisdom shards and turned 60 shards into Sarma, and today I got Peony ^_^
                        I can finally move on to cata 60/65 =)
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                        S1 (Armorgames) - AndrAla

                        People have no idea what can they do with Excel and some knowledge how to use it (as well as some imagination and some logical thinking)


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                          I'd just take all those Harpina's and see if I had enough to split for what I needed. Personally, I like to save the ones I get from a particular level until I know I have enough for a merc I need. You get more from splitting into combo shards rather then potent (which is why I save and make sureI've got enough before splitting) and if you happen to get your last one, more potent shards ;D

                          Good luck! ^.^