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Beginner Guide: daily shop

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  • Beginner Guide: daily shop

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    Daily Event Shop

    Complete daily events to earn Daily Points and swap them for rare items in the Daily Shop (found within the Shop panel).

    Battle of Wits: Earn 40 Daily Points for each correct answer. Note: Players in Alpaca form can still earn points, but they earn 20 Daily Points instead of 40.

    Mighty Mercs

    Players will be rewarded accordingly based on rankings at the end of the event:
    1st place: 1500 Daily Points
    2nd place: 1300 Daily Points
    3rd place: 1200 Daily Points
    4th and 5th places: 1000 Daily Points
    6th-10th places: 900 Daily Points
    Other: 800 Daily Points

    3V3: Earn rewards plus 100 Daily Points for winning and 60 Daily Points for losing.

    8V8: Earn rewards plus 600 Daily Points for winning and 400 Daily Points for losing. Points will be distributed at the end of the event.

    Treasure Cove

    Be rewarded each time you complete a Treasure escort:
    White Treasure: 160 Daily Points
    Green Treasure: 200 Daily Points
    Blue Treasure: 260 Daily Points
    Purple Treasure: 330 Daily Points
    Orange Treasure: 400 Daily Points

    Purgatory: Earn 60 Daily Points for each level cleared from level 1 to 10 and 100 points from level 11 to 15.

    World Boss

    Players will be rewarded accordingly based on rankings at the end of the event:
    1st place: 750 Daily Points
    2nd place: 650 Daily Points
    3rd place: 600 Daily Points
    4th and 5th places: 500 Daily Points
    6th-10th places: 600 Daily Points
    Other: 400 Daily Points

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    Daily Points erased at end of Day or permanent ?


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      But how to use those Blessed Runes? what are those?


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        The daily points remain permanent and the Blessed Runes are used to upgrade Merc Cards.


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          A better explanation on exactly how to level up a merc card would be nice. Not many have got one yet and if someone could really make a nice guide about it with pics, would be nice. If none if made when i do get one, I will try make one myself
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