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Please Help me

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  • Please Help me

    Why my character banned? Nick name FemaleHunter. Please give a solution Server (S12) Sea of prisms. sorry if my behavior in the game is nothing wrong. Please give me back my character. I love to play this game

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    your character is not muted or banned, I had a R2 login in on the account to check that it is also working fine, it is.....
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      but now I go into the game no writing * you have been banned * Please help me. shadowbound my favorite games. please do not banned my character. I want to play this game again.
      Nickname : FemaleHunter
      Job : Hunter
      Level : 43
      server : Sea of prisms


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        Hi, please provide a screenshot, your account is able to be accessed just fine from my end. You can try to use a VPN, it may have been an IP that was spamming and got blocked by R2games. So try to access with another IP.
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