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  • Cloudwinder leaderboard

    why is it that for everyday this week apart from yesterday my ranking in this is wrong...for the last 3 days ive been on floor 60 in here and thats the highest on server,(SERVER 11 DRAGONS NEST)on wednesday it said i was only on floor 51 when i was on 60 yestarday was fine for a change,and today ive gone back to 55 the leaderboard...dont you think you should be sorting the bugs out rather than opening new servers all the time???

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    not 1 reply from anyone on admin team yet again....waste of time reporting these because you dont even bother to reply.........dont know why i expected any different from normal....waste of time


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      Could be wrong but idk when the leaderboard reset(guessing at 00:00?) But it is very glitchy. For example, I think it only takes where you left off at that time. it doesn't take your best.

      Another thing is sometimes your best + 1 is taken into account. For example some people shows that they pass 50 but in reality they only got as far as 50. Not sure if it helps any but make sure you're always at the highest for your cloudwinder run(s) to be counted there.


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        Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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