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can't login to my account from mini client

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  • can't login to my account from mini client

    OK, so I played from Facebook until now, and I never actually entered any login information.
    I click the link from facebook, it leads me to the server choice screen, I click play and I'm in.
    Now, when I downloaded the mini client, I need to enter login information.

    The problem is, that when I choose the login from facebook option from the mini client, I get a new account without my character.
    If I go to the main R2 site and login using the facebook button, I get the "new" account. If I then log out, close the tab, and click the link from facebook, I'm back to my "old" account with my character on it.

    If I do that, I can go to my account settings, and see that I have an email there that looks like [long number]
    I log in to that account from the mini client, because I don't know the password, since I never chose one.
    I can't change the password, for the same reason.
    I can't recover the password, since I have no way to get into that email, since, again, I never chose it.

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    use your real email, facebook email is a faked one
    connected to your account, but not usable for games log-in


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      and what password?
      I never entered any, and if I ask for password recovery it gets sent to the fake facebook email.


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        I also have this same issue...


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          log completely out of fb then use the FB login on the mini client, and login into your FB account using the correct login details
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