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Help! Stuck and Unable to Level

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  • Help! Stuck and Unable to Level

    I'm stuck.
    My quest says to level Sweetbriar to level 16.
    I don't have her I have Mir and cannot dismiss him because "recruit is not Unlocked". Did you change the mercenaries?

    My character is level 19 and does not gain any experience no matter how many times I run a dungeon.
    I have been unable to gain full stars in Elfwood because Mir dies every run. I can not level him up because it requires Demi Ore earned in Arena that doesn't unlock until level 25.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Did I miss a quest somewhere?
    How do I get Sweetbriar?
    Is there a way to reset my character and start from level 1?

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    go to recruit and get sweetbriar there


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      Originally posted by xAzureBluex View Post
      My character is level 19 "Recruit is NOT Unlocked"
      Last edited by xAzureBluex; 09-03-2014, 10:39 AM.


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        thats a issue that I found a few weeks ago...... there is no way to fix it so players need to create a new character, sorry
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