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Change of server?

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  • Change of server?


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    I started playing 2 days ago and was recommended for S19 then, what I didn't realise is that it was synched with West USA time which makes it almost impossible for me to participate in events and so on on the right time, as it is not my time zone. I honestly didn't realise at first that the server which was suggested I play on was not in my time zone, as it would seem more logical that the suggestions made by r2games for the server would consider the time zone your ip address is located in....
    I would like to know if there is a possibility to change from my actual server to a European one? Which will allow me to play in my time zone. And not miss any big events.

    Server: 19 Bahold Castle
    Lvl: 50
    Class: Hunter

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    You will have to start over on a new server. r2games cannot transfer chars of servers and sadly, you should have found out before going 46.. Although it takes just 3-4 days to get there.. If you charged money on it, there's also a good chance they cannot do anything about it...

    Edited : The reason why they can't transfer chars is simple. If they would allow it, anyone strong on s1 could decide to transfer on latest server opened with his or her lvl 70 and rule the server, creating imbalance..
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      the game does not allow for transfering of characters, there is no way for us to transfer characters between servers
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        Okay, well I'll stay where I am ;-) Thank you for your answers
        Server: 19 Bahold Castle
        Lvl: 50
        Class: Hunter