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Elite Dungeon - Full Star - But Not Received Bonus

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  • Elite Dungeon - Full Star - But Not Received Bonus

    Hello and sorry my little english!

    Linked two bug.

    My character: Vardoyr (Armor Games Server)

    Bug 1:
    Elite Dungeon - Scourge Falls (End Boss: Rapparee)
    All Boss with Full Star, but i not received Perfect 6 Star Bonus

    Bug 2 (linked with Bug 1):
    Hot Events - Gathering of the Brave
    Slayer - Rapparee : 0/1 with red color

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    For alleged 1st bug, there are 2 possibilities:
    1. It is BUG
    2. One of your mercenaries or pet died during the battle, if it happened, you won't earn full star

    For alleged 2nd bug: It is not a bug. It means someone on your server has killed/cleared that elite dungeon before you. Its a 'first come first serve' basis of event, once someone has cleared that dungeon, the prize will be given to that person alone and not to other people who clear that dungeon after he/she did it. But exception for 2nd-5th people who clear the same dungeon, they will earn prizes as well but not the main prize (consolation prize).

    I hope this answer your question.

    Happy Gaming!


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      I have been having this same problem for about a week or two. It didn't bother me b/c I was not ready to level to 40 but now I am and I can't do the level 40 dungeons, thus, cannot upgrade my gear. I have a full 6 stars showing on every dungeon.

      Update: I just went back and decided to redo all of the dungeons and it worked, even though I had 6 stars on them anyways. Just click over all the dungeons and click on the ones that say enter.
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