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Can't collect 10% returned rebate from WINDFALL EVENT

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  • Can't collect 10% returned rebate from WINDFALL EVENT

    During collection days, can't collect the 10% of what we've spent on sowing days of WINDFALL EVENT. We keep getting errors trying to collect the rebate of what we should be getting in returned. I can tell you, I am not the only one getting all those errors, I even had to post in my guild to cover my facts before I even tried to send a ticket. The first day of collection, I thought it was just my system having a problem, then I waited for the second day (which is today, even the other day) to see if there are any changes BUT NO. Everytime I try to collect, I keep getting errors, again, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE =-= . I tried multiple times to send a ticket, but then again, I keep getting cache errors. I even clear my browser's cache. After this, I realised and am positive, your system has issues too. After that, I decided to post here on the thread. You should fix it as soon as possible (if you can't fix it sooner), otherwise give us or send us that 10% we should get from the WINDFALL EVENT through in-game mail and/or a decent amount of compensation at least. If you CAN'T, either give us one of the TWO I have stated or any other way as soon as possible.

    I'm posting this from S9 [Unforgiven]
    I attached the image below.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	screen shot r2.png
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Size:	752.8 KB
ID:	1756383
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  • R26419161
    Yea.. it was a mistake makin' a new thread of the same problem. I was going to close this, but dont know how lol. I posted the 2nd one under the bug report category, just to state that the thread isn't in the wrong category whatsoever.
    Last edited by R26419161; 09-10-2014, 01:03 AM.

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  • Kitwritten
    we know about the error code, its being looked into

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  • Cemberr
    there is alot of these going around try using the search bar first before making a new thread of the same problem

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