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REPOST: Can't collect 10% returned of rebate in WINDFALL

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  • REPOST: Can't collect 10% returned of rebate in WINDFALL

    During collection days, we cannot collect the 10% of what we've spent on sowing days of WINDFALL EVENT. We keep getting errors trying to collect the rebate of what we should be getting in returned. (It has nothing to do with the time zone). If it was not for those errors, I would have collected them. I can tell you, I am not the only one getting all those errors, I even had to post in my guild to cover my facts before trying to send a ticket. The first day of collection, I thought it was just my system having a problem, then I waited for the second day (which is today, even the other day) to see if there are any changes BUT NO. Everytime I try to collect, I keep getting errors. I tried multiple times to send a ticket, BUT, I keep getting cache errors as well. I even clear my browser's cache. After this, I realised and am positive, your system has issues too and NOT MINE. After that, I decided to post here on the thread. You should fix it as soon as possible (if you can't fix it sooner), otherwise, I ask for compensation a DECENT amount of compensation at least.

    I'm posting this from S9 [Unforgiven]
    I attached the image below.
    Attached Files
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    Same error code I have too on S18.


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      they Fixed it and sent it to you in mail
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