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Elf wings + pieces disappeared

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  • Elf wings + pieces disappeared

    I'm experiencing some problems, first, this might be a wide problem I didn't get any of the titles I should have when I was still in the 40-49 tier, once I got a title and then lost it, after that none of the titles I should have had were given to me, probably had something to do too with the leaderboards at times not refreshing for days. Also I just crafted a pair of Amber Elf Wings and the game glitched on me so I had to reset the page, when I did I had neither the wings nor the 100 pieces I used, just the 36 extra. I go to it and it says inactive. I would appreciate being contacted to know it is being looked into.

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    Never mind, the item finally appeared, it might have been the odd glitch that made it not be there at first, anyway i logged in now that the servers are working and I had them, thank you anyway.