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Missing new merc?

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  • Missing new merc?

    I got my 7th day attendance awhile ago. I got Lunaria but suddenly, I looked into my mercs and she was not there? Is that a bug?

    Server: [12]Realms of Elderyan
    Character Name: Avena Screenshot of issue: Sorry I had no screenshot of it.
    Detailed description: I was so exited to get Lunaria because other said it is good to replace MY Sweetbriar to Lunaria. So awhile ago, I went and open my Shadowbound, and attended to the 7 days attendance. After that, It gave me Lunaria then went I went to my mercs, she wasnt there. How's that?

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    is the merc showing in the recruiting area on the task bar
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      what do you mean?


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        It is at the recruit but it shows below her "Event reward"


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          ohhhh okay
          Now I know my mistake. Sorry for disturbing you Kitwritten. Thanks for answering though