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Guardian SKills are bugged and do not Work

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  • Guardian SKills are bugged and do not Work

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Name:	Guardian attacking all instead of weakest enemy.png
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Name:	Nightmare Activated.png
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    These Screen shots show that I have changed my guardian's Skill to Nightmare and that they are not working in arena. The skill selected is supposed to do 2% of max hp in damage +1,000 damage to the enemy with lowest remaining hp, instead my guardian attacks all alive hero's on screen both friend and foe, for 1900 damage which is the normal damge of my guardian at current stars. I didn't crash like others did when selecting my skill or trying to battle, but there are major issues that need addressed with the skills and how they work.

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    yeah same here, if equip a different skill game crashes in arena, also the change guardian appearance thingy doesnt work!


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      thats for that, it shows exactly what I want to show the techs
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