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arena, guardian and crusade bugs

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  • arena, guardian and crusade bugs

    I know there are other threads but i dont see much of a response to these issues other a screenshot well there isnt much to post a screen shot of when the game just stops no error msg nothing to screenshot. Arena freeze when click on a player same in crusades and i must relog. This renders the game unplayable in these areas!!! I get that it might have something to do with guardian skills and have only got the original skill selected the problem is less but still happening. The other thing is the guardians damaging all instead of enemy. I see other have unequipped their guardians but i cannot see myself how to do this option. Can someone tell me how to do this? I have cleared cache, i have reinstalled miniclient, i have played just in browser none of these fix this problem!

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    change back ur guardian skill to rainbow cascade. how many more i should say this.
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      Also don't use Holy Protection either, it doesn't freeze the game, but it doesn't appear to do the damage reduction buff. (when I used it, it looked like it damaged my own party, but I'm not sure.)
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        as i said in orginal post ....The guardian skill is still rainbow cascade I have not changed it to the new skills... Perhaps instead of saying the same thing over and over you should read the statement properly!