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Better Compensation for random maintenances.

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  • Better Compensation for random maintenances.

    Hi, most of the time we get all these random crashes or emergency maintenances during events, just why ?, why not make them when there are no events running around?, and as compensation we only get 500k gold sometimes (if we even get it), many times happened during world boss, and other important events where I make 1m+ gold and Vouchers and besides the frustration of not being able to play when I actually have the time to attend an event, I only get 500k gold compensation if they even give one, today we aren't able to attend battle of the Wits, and now we are losing (besides gold), vouchers and the newly added Daily points, 500k gold is not a true compensation for what you do, I am just saying, Compensation MUST be better. Thanks for reading !

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    yes I only got 1000 ember grass and so on from buged gifts.. please send them again!


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      there are limited options for maintenance to be done because there are 4 time zones to consider and the working hours of the techs and devs.

      compensation is a generic package for all players, and while we are sorry that players are affected by the maintance and not happy with the compensation package, I dare say that the players would perfer issues resolved quickly so that they can get the rewards from the events affected by the issues and bugs.
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