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Invisibility Talisman

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  • Invisibility Talisman

    Server: [S19] Bahold Castle
    IGN: Solariai
    Issue: Invisibility Talisman (is this a bug?)

    I currently have 2 mercs with invisibility on, Gunaak and Sapulha, and they don't move for two turns (Gunaak moves after it wears off and Sapulha appears to move after two turns and is still invisible). Aren't they supposed to act in those two turns also even if they're slower?

    nvm, I took all the other mercs and pet out of formation and it does work...just that all other mercs, pet, and myself are faster than them when I put invisibility on them.
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    [S19] Bahold Castle - Solaria Luna - Warrior - Lv75
    [S75] Secret Sanctum - Hunter - Lv38
    League of Angels
    [s147/ua25] Thane of Winter Sorceror - Lv79
    Eternal Saga - Ranger - Retired
    Lunaria Story - Elementalist - Pretty much retired

    That being said character names in games I play is Solariai