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Formation bonus have reset

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  • Formation bonus have reset

    Hi i previously had used gold to max the formation bonus now after maintance it has reset as if i never upgraded them.

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    what is the server and character name
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      It rolled back some of mine. I had upgraded my formations to lvl 3, but after today it was back to lvl 2. I had to spend more gold to get it back to 3.

      I also have a problem where i cant change my guardians apperance or skills.

      Lufia server 11


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        sorry kitwritten its server 1 zanthi...i have upgraded most back again because of heroic battle but it did cost me 19 million


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          ok so they have changed again overnight but this time i do have screenshots!
          Click image for larger version

Name:	formation.jpg
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	formation 2.jpg
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          so they have rolled back again...not as bad as first rollback as they didnt rollback to no upgrades this time but still.....kinda annoying and big waste of gold


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            ok I dont want to start another thread or anything but some acknowledgement of seeing this would be appreciated.


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              sorry put this in wrong post I have namira selected and showing as other guardian. I went and checked correct guardian selected between fights still show as wrong guardian.
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