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  • Heroic Battle

    How can player lvl. 42 particpate Heroic Battle level 30-39??? server 19
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  • #2
    wow.. im sure he will very easy to win the battle 30-39

    Server : S-19
    Character Name : Tenebrion
    Screenshot of issue : look 1st page
    Detailed description : 42 level can join in Heroic Battle level 30-39

    we need fair play.. so please fix this bugs issues


    • #3
      You guys are perfectly able to level after you've registered as well. so quit the crying already. next month he wont be 30-39 bracket.
      Turkey of S2.


      • #4
        Its not a bug. You apply at level 39, then the event starts and you level.
        Maybe it would be better to disable the update BR button after the first fights have started. Or
        that you are not able to update your br if you are over the level you have applied to.

        But i guess its unlikely that it will be changed.

        Regards Caramon S1
        Proud leader of the Dragons