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Corrosion Malfunction?

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  • Corrosion Malfunction?

    I have now only seen this happenning in cloudwinder and i am not sure if it is visual or a real bug..if my toon proc's corrosion the effected mob has the mana reduction in its mana bar, ie is no longer yellow, and still uses his skill, so my question/observation is that either corrosion does not work or it is a visual bug? can anyone else confirm this or comment?

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    That depends if your toon hit last or not.
    Cos if not and then the other toon hit the enemy, he gain another 25 mana


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      no he casts the skill from a blue or not filled mana bar. unless the skill is a 2nd attack that round, i see what your saying. But whay i am seeing is that the skill is cast from a not filled mana bar, i am not seeing 2 attacks the next time he attacks, but rather seing his skill cast even if the mana bar is not filled, or yellow.
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        I've tried that today and its true. i have one merc at the bottom and is facing one opponent. the first attack has the corrosion effect. however, when the enemy hit back, its not the normal attack that I expected. Its cast a spell/skill on me.