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X-SERVER HEROIC BATTLE.. SAME PROBLEM ===> LVL UP in my 30-39 lvl group :-(

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  • X-SERVER HEROIC BATTLE.. SAME PROBLEM ===> LVL UP in my 30-39 lvl group :-(

    So I looked in my records lost during the heroic battles and found that I lost three times by characters who are two or three levels above me. I wrote about this yesterday, but no one paid attention to me, so today I continue to write, until one of the moderators think to look at what is going on and deliver to game masters that there is a serious problem. You can not be signed up for the heroic battles of the 39th level and to 40 + level and beat opponents who are 39 or under low

    my server is S28 Smoldering Desert and now im a N1 in 1v1 arena...
    1 picture : My character.. 2 picture my opponent in HC battle X-server..
    i losse 3 battles from 43 lvl ,and 2 charracters 42 lvl.. im not care for event but this is not correctly.. i stay 39 lvl, and ppl lvl up and stay
    in a same bracket (30-39 in my case)
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    the Heroic battle will be reviewed after the event has finished, the main priority is making sure that it ran correctly on the servers the first time...
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