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Title system broken?

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  • Title system broken?

    The title system seems to be not working. Were the titles only for the beginning of game, or are they ongoing. Just wondering because have constantly been number 3 and achieved number 1 in something as well and no title.

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    you have to be first at the reset depending on the title
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      Originally posted by Kitwritten View Post
      you have to be first at the reset depending on the title
      I have a question about titles also. Why is it that Titles are 1st determined by Level bracket, then who's actually the best in that particular catagory. I get that some should be, but all of them? Titles for things like Mount, Cloudwinder, Pet, and Fortitude shouldnt be based off your actual level 1st, but instead by who actually has the highest.

      Example. These are the real top 5 in Fortitude on S2

      Void 409 Fortitude
      Turkey 408 Fortitude
      Jewels 404 Fortitude
      Olivia 401 Fortitude
      Bloodraven 396 Fortitude

      But the actual Rankings for our "top 5 in fortitude" according to the titles that are handed out are:

      Rank 1 sampirius 362 Fortitude
      Rank 2 Kiera 358 Fortitude
      Rank 3 Justyume 351 Fortitude
      Rank 4 Void 409 Fortitude
      Rank 5 Turkey 408 Fortitude

      Because the top 3 are in the 70-79 bracket, and rank 4, and 5 are in 60-69 bracket. They are given the titles 1st, instead of who actually has the highest.
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        I was first at reset in the 8v8, and looking I had the highest points as well out of all levels but did not receive title.