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Aqua Flux-bug

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  • Aqua Flux-bug

    Hello there,
    My merc is bugged.His first skill sayz that deal dmg to 3 random enemies,but when i use him in formation his skill change to "deal 190%dmg to singel target"and he deal onlly to one
    Pikla s14 ty
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    It is not bugged.

    When you get a 4 star merc, you get them at quality "common". The 1st skill they show you is if he goes "uncommon". The 2nd at rare, the 3rd at Epic and 4th at Legendary.

    Timberwolf is same.. At common, hits 3 but doesnt stun. Borboleta heals 1 at 60% instead of full row. Etc...

    Every merc is same thing, and it's badly explained. Should have somewhere that shows "initial skill".
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