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Bad Description On New Merc Card Packs

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  • Bad Description On New Merc Card Packs

    Hi. My Awesome Screenshot isn't working so I can't do a screen shot, but the description when mousing over the new Grade A and S Merc Card Packs is incorrect. Even though the description of the item is "Grade A Merc Card Pack",, when you mouse over it says "Randomly contains 10-30 Grade A Blessed Runes". Shouldn't it say something different? Thanks.

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    I think those packs are meant for upgrading your cards to A or S, not to get an A or S grade card. (A 'card' pack contains 10-30 Epic Runes and S 'card' pack contains 10-30 Legendary Runes)
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    That being said character names in games I play is Solariai


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      Have you purchased a pack? If not, then please do not speculate. I'd like an answer from someone in charge before I actually purchase one of them. I already purchased the "lucky card pack" and all I got was two lousy legendary runes. I could get that from 3200 daily points, please. It was a complete waste of 299 diamonds. But while I'm here, I'll also point out another error I saw in a description. again, no screen shot available, but in the Crafting Menu or in the Random Shop.... click on the "Electro Wings Shard" and it says "Collect 100 to craft a Sabertooth (Orange or Blue) in the Rare section of the Craft Panel". Surely this is a mistake.


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        why no answer to this? I think it's important information to be clarified. Thank you.


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          You need a SCREENSHOT when reporting bugs but in this case it is not a bug at all. It's exactly as stated you get 10-30 of the runes. Now another reminder, screenshots must be included with bug reports as well as server number and ingame name or they will not be answered or reported. It's been posted again and again.
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