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Typos/mistranslations/un-updated screens

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  • Typos/mistranslations/un-updated screens

    Prior to L40, the "Get Wings" promo button screen has "Collet" rather than "Collect"
    Numerous instances of "prize" being written as "price." eg, the Daily Lotto descriptions
    Numerous instances of reversed or incorrect identifiers ('So and so has gotten a rare Trident's Forge from Pices' -- should be the other way around; 'Your (attacking player's name) was plundered' -- should be 'Your (escort type) was plundered by (attacking player's name)').
    At least one instance of the original jp image still being used as a help screen... trying to remember exactly where I got this to reproduce it, I believe it was during the side quest to join a guild in the earliest part of the game.