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Inaccurate Trivia Question

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  • Inaccurate Trivia Question

    "In greek mythology, hydras had nine heads."

    In-game, the correct answer is yes. This is inaccurate; Apollodorus's version said nine, but Diodorus's account (which was earlier) said a hundred (*.html), and other versions said one, seven, eight, fifty, or 'countless.'

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    Another oen.

    "Can dingoes bark?"

    In game the answer was originally no which is correct then someone changed it to false because Wiki said they can which is wrong. Dingoes cannot bark like a conventional dog at all, instead they do a series of yips and yaps which is not barking. They also communicate using grunts and growls but to say they can bark is false.


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      Originally posted by R299786405 View Post
      "In greek mythology, hydras had nine heads."
      note: "In Greek Mythology" keyword. Hydras only has nine heads.


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        so the hydras head question is incorrect because one version says yes and others say no ? look at the dingo question, it was changed because of players reports that the no answer was wrong but the no answer is also wrong.....

        true dingos can not bark, the wild dogs can, cross bred dingos can bark because they have mixed genes ( dingo and wild dog )

        I am closing the thread to avoid on going issues with changing answers in the trivia
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