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Level 39 camper with EPIC Sepulha and Whiteclaw in S12

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  • Level 39 camper with EPIC Sepulha and Whiteclaw in S12

    Server - s12
    Character Name: BeerGut
    Screenshot of issue - (see bottom)
    Detailed description:

    I'm not sure if this player just discovered a bug but somehow, he was able to upgrade Sepulha and Whiclaw to epic even though he is only level 39. I believe you can upgrade those mentioned mercs to, the least, COMMON, when you reach level 40. I think this is kind of unfair for other players who wishes to camp. Cuz whether we want it or not, there are really players who wants to stay on a specific group, lets just say 39 cuz most of the cashers are on higher group like 40-49 and so on. Unlike in 39, there are only few cashers who would like to stay at that level. Another thing is, there is a cross-server now called Heroic Battle. The "leveling up to a higher group while registered in a lower group" in Heroic is more likely to be OK with some. But this one will create a different issue when other 30-39s sees it in heroic. I don't know if this is already known but having not only one, but two epic mercs while you are 39 is a big advantage. Let me know if you think this is unfair or not.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Beergut.jpg
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    its something that has existed in the game since it started.... its not a bug but careful usage of the transfer option in the upgrade tab of the character screen ( accessed by clicking on the upgrade icon between the astrals and pets icon

    Click image for larger version

Name:	transfer.jpg
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ID:	1696010

    lil hint ( 7 day login event merc ) lunaria is very good when used to transfer skills to another merc
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      thank you.. and got that, kit
      Sorry if I started a noob thread. It's just that I lack info on this. THank you very much for clarifiying
      You make close this thread or to save space, feel free to delete.
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