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    There seems to be a bug in my guild, where applying players are accepted and! rejected at the same time.

    The player 'seemingly' joins the guild and is added to the guild list. They show as online, permanently!....but when you try to add them as a friend, it states the player is offline.

    Also, if you view their profile, where their current guild is shown, it is listed as N/A

    This player never becomes an active member of the group, no contributions are shown. I have even left one of these 'N/A' players in the guild for a week with no sign of life.

    Today, one lucky fellow, after removing his limbo state from the guild replied to my mail and stated he had actually been rejected, instead of approved.

    As far as I can tell, this is only happening in my guild so far, no one else is reporting the same issue, although it is not restricted to just me approving players, as other members in my Guild have approved other limbo players.

    We can work around it, but we do tend to lose these other members to other guilds.

    BloodWire on S3

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    Screenshots would probably be useful for something like this. Sounds like an interesting problem. Was the "lucky"guy able to get in the guild correctly after the second attempt?


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      its a issue we know about as its been reported by other guilds..... as for a fix, at this stage there is not one as a cause for the issue has not been found.....
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        Ok, Thankyou at least I know i'm not going crazy hah.

        And yes SoulPunch, the guy is now a happy member of the guild


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	na.jpg
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          Thought I would attach a screenshot of our latest victim for those curious or unaware of the glitch.