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Possible arena bug

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  • Possible arena bug

    Im not sure if this is a bug or supposed to happen. When I enter 1v1, and I choose my opponent (its only happened with one so far) I do my formation based upon theirs. Once i go into battle, their formation changes and obviously its a wasted effort. Correct me if Im wrong but isnt it unfair to allow their character to change it like that? If more info is needed or pics please let me know, I prefer not to share those publicly...Thank you

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    i have seen that also. I think they have Dungeon formation chosen and that's why it changes. Not sure but i agree with you, its not right. I dont think they should be able to see your formation before entering battle.


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      Are you saying that you have adjust formation box checked, and so you see what formation they have.. and then adjust yours to it but when you go into battle, the form you saw initially is different? Reason I ask is because there is two formations a person can have for arena. Dungeon and Arena. Dungeon Form changes every time that person changes form any time they are doing something. Arena form is a set form which is unaffected by anything the player does throughout the day. Not saying you don't know this just throwing out some info to try and help. Next question would be how long in between battles is the guy's formation changing? He might be changing it every time he sees you fight him to throw you off.. The solution to this though is that adjust formation box i was mentioning. Anyway hope some of this is useful and sorry if its all stuff you already know, your post is a tad vague is all.


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        wrong post delet eplz
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