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Heroic Battle flaw.

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  • Heroic Battle flaw.

    I play on server 20 and in heroic battle bracket there is a player who is exploiting the system. They are level 61 and that is a clear unfair advantage, the stats they have no one at level 59 could even match seems there are other in same guild that are using other exploits because of massive jumps in BR that no one else of same level or higher can match. This needs to be looked at ASAP, before people stop playing cause they cant compete even if money is spent.

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    This has been reported so many times already.. it's not a bug, it's not a exploit and the way system is made they can't "force you" to not level for a week and it doesn't auto-transfer you in higher tiers.

    They are probably looking into it. Only way it could be maybe settled is if they save ur formation and mercs and stuff the day u register and that you could never update it, nor change ur formation, till it's over.
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      we know about this, it was forwarded to the devs last month for a decision
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