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  • Why?

    why have level 41 in 30-39 bracket in s36? so unfair ..

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    there are a number of threads about this topic, basically it boils down to it is a legit move, it is as designed, the player who levels gets a short term gain for this 1 heroic battle event and then is furthermore in the next bracket (because you can not level down) so the next HB they do not have that advantage unless they level again. you have/had the same option and chose not to take it. there are lots of rants about this but on the overall scale of things the advantage they gain in the game AS A WHOLE, isnt that great. how can you not allow a player to level? how elsewise can you move a player to a new bracket when the event has already begun, it kinda is a bit of an advantage for this one HB but on the grand scale of things...not so much. Furthermore the 1 level bracket where this advantage is the most the one level bracket where camping isnt that helpfull, mostly because of the opening of game functions that follow in the 40's level bracket


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      but why he is in bracket 30-39 if his level is level 41?to much advantage because he get a 5hero and at 39 its only 4 ..


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        sigh...why so hard to are bracketed in your grouping when you register. after you are bracketed in your grouping thats the grouping you are in. during tournement you do not change level groupings, that kind of mess would make anything a very nasty mess. realisticly for a time set tourney like this it would be impossible. This is how it works. you dont want him to have that advantage?? level up. i understand you feel slighted and you think it is unfair, truth is it is not you have the same oppurnity as him just chose not to take it.