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Christmas Checkin Bug

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  • Christmas Checkin Bug

    Hello. Here's a screenshot of me receiving the prize for 12/1, the Alae Ore, on 12/2, however, it shows I've claimed Pet Vigor potion for 12/2. Yesterday on 12/1 it showed I had claimed the prize for 11/30 the Pet potions. I did not check in on 11/30 my first check in was 12/1. The prizes are off by one day. I've also shown my system mail saying I've received the Alae Ore on 12/2, but that was the prize for 12/1. Thank you.

    Click image for larger version

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    Server 18

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    Try and change the timezone your computer uses to the server timezone. This worked for me. (have to refresh again).

    Those of us with the issue need to leave the timezone on pc like that until the end of the event. Unless they decide to fix it so when our computers are in our own timezones it doesn't do what is pictured.
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      Actually, I have that same problem as well. I was on 11/30 (3 hours earlier than the EAST server time), so when it hits 12/1 (and I am still on 11/30) the button lit up for 12/1 (not 11/30) but the item received is not from 12/1 but of 11/30. So I am thinking the display is set for your current time, but the buttons are set for what's on the server time.


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        ok well, at least we know it's not a bug, I'll still get all of the prizes. I'm not changing the time zone on my computer because I use it for otehr things besides the game. I'll just work with it like this. Thank you.


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          its been forwarded to be fixed, there is a issue with the settings
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