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Temple Questions and Issue

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  • Wynterane
    started a topic Temple Questions and Issue

    Temple Questions and Issue

    I am sure there may already be a post about this, and if there is I am sorry for double posting, I am looking for a way to fix an issues that I found out about after I left the level 45 temple fight and moved to the level 50 temple. As a newbie I had no idea that you needed to run the temples over and over till you got enough items to upgrade your pets gear, I am now in the level 50 temple and unable to upgrade one of my pets gear items because I did not stay in the 45 temple long enough to collect a total of 30 lilies. I have 10 and need to figure out how to get those other 20. Can you go back to the 45 temple or will they drop again in a different level. If there is no solution, than why keep playing as I will not be able to grow in strength and will always be taken advantage of by higher level people. While it will always happen I will at some point be able to hold my own and maybe even have a chance to win.

    Hopefully this can be answered here or maybe I may need to submit a ticket and see if they can just give me the 20 lilies I need to level up the pet gear.

  • GreyEarth

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