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Cs gw

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  • Cs gw

    just competed in cross server guild war and none of the opposing guild were visible..

    Server: [S52] Blackstone Heath
    mage lvl51
    guild Solo

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    we need screenshots of the invisible players.... a screenshot that showed no opponents and a screenshot showing players in fights, is what is needed
    Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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      same here they all like invis.....

      s8 majestic isle
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        sorry didnt get them
        players were visible when fighting against them but not before there were no opponents able to be seen anywhere on the battle ground.
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          nods..... the faster we can work out the common factor with players that can see the opponents and the ones that can not, we can isolate and fix the issue faster....... so even generic information like browser or mini client and server name, is valuable to us
          Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

          R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
          Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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            Same here with CS GW in server 24 could not see any of the other guild players just our own members. Everyone was invisible, the only way we knew wherew they were was if they hit us or we hit them on a tower.

            Inferno, s_24
            Guild Anonymous


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              same here in s19 cant see our opponent the only way to fight is to occupying base, im using mini client btw

              s19 - Elsie
              Guild T-ARA


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                Okay, a much simpler (and logical) explanation: Top 4 guilds from each server are matched with other servers (sometimes 4 guilds from one server versus 4 guilds from another server). Event time is at 20:40 server time. Everyone waits until the banner comes up saying Cross Server Guild Wars has begun, and people make a bee line towards the Cross Server Guild Button and Clicked on "ENTER". They wait. Numbers on both sides increase because players are showing up. GW starts, but there is no one out on the field. Towers are lighting up on the map, but no one is engaging on the way there. You click on a tower to defend, you get into a battle with a person who is standing by at the tower on defense. You win, he lost, and you are now defending the tower. A few moments later, another player engages you while at the tower (because you're defending it, duh?) and loses. No one can land hits on those en route because well can't see them, so this raises one little question my captain asks me while I have the Enterprise parked at Star Dock getting ready to hit into warp speed: Do you have the damper on? Allow me to translate it into Shadowbound: IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE "HIDE PLAYERS" CODE IS ENGAGED WITHOUT IT BEING LINKED TO THE BUTTON UPON ENTERING? Because that's something a Hide Players function would do to make the players invisible. I bet that's what it is and why we have invisible players because it's on at default, and possibly not working if we are trying to click the button to see if we get players or not. I won't know until tomorrow as we got another match with another guild in another server. But, that needs to be looked into as it may be a simple fix.


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                  same here all of our enemies are invinsible.... and i try to relog yes i can see them.. but cant attack them idk why.. iforgot to take some PS.


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                    server 49 all players are visable...but were still not able to see any oppants


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                      The issue I had on server 18 is that the players were at first not visible, but then once they became visible, I could not click on them to attack them. I was not able to obtain a screen shot. WE had 9 players, they had 20 and at first we surged ahead of them about 1200 points to 400, then all of a sudden they began gaining points very rapidly until they beat us by well over 2000 points. i expected this because it's the best guild on server 1, but still, I could not attack any of them, I simply clicked on them and saw them but could not attack.


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                        we cant see the enemie guild in the CS GW and you ask us for SCREEN SHOTS after so many playes reported this problem ? GET REAL COME CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF


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                          Kong server here.

                          Several issues.

                          First, the other guild was able to enter a full 30-45 seconds before us. By the time we were able to fight, they already had a 500 point lead.

                          Second, the enemy was invisible. When they claimed towers, it showed an empty bubble above the base. Couldn't see any players anywhere other than those on my team. It showed the enemy just idling at their spawn bases. I was unable to attack a single person the entire round.

                          Third, our cooldown timer was 95 seconds upon death?! Why did our team have such a long cooldown time in comparison to the opposition?

                          Why, exactly, were they given such advantages over us? These massive bugs could have cost us the match against a tougher guild.

                          Given that you already completely borked our server when it came time to register for heroic battle, and a good size of our server's population was unable to register due to YOUR error (and I note they have yet to receive ANY compensation whatsoever), not to mention the fact that we just BARELY made it in time for GW registration, again due to your massive error, to now be handicapping us in cross server is entirely unacceptable.

                          Edited to add:
                          Originally posted by R23035607 View Post
                          we cant see the enemie guild in the CS GW and you ask us for SCREEN SHOTS after so many playes reported this problem ? GET REAL COME CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF
                          Yea, this is pretty asinine. How can we screenshot something that cannot be seen? C'mon. That's like asking us to take a picture of oxygen to prove it exists.
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                            This happened today during CS GW...Had I have seen this before today, I would have taken the screen shots...we did not know there was a problem as we had the "FREEBIE" and we had no opponent for the first fight. Please address this issue. Guild Phoneix. Server 5. Ms.VasaVeque

                            Server 05
                            Guild: Phoneix


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                              didnt have time to take SS and its over already but same problem here no one from our enemies are visible but we can attack them if they hold bases...even cant see the pic of base holder our only chance there is to take base after its being taken...cant hit them who is not base holder

                              S49 and im using FF as browser

                              ohh more info since i didnt catch any SS while its last....theres flash players update yesterday and i did update it
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