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soul not attacking

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  • soul not attacking

    S1 ilianna. I have a uncommon pure soul lvl 22 and a uncommon wraith soul lvl 21 on my main character. Since I upgraded the wraith to uncommon neither attack. Pure is my main soul and it attacked often. Now it doesn't attack at all. I believe they are canceling each other out.

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    I'll have this looked into as soon as I can.


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      thank you.


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        Just went and had it tested and it's working perfectly fine and as it should. May just be bad luck on its hitting procs.
        Remember that the second one isn't there for hitting, just stats. First one should be doing what it normally does though.


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          it's the same thing for me with pure soul, its lv 23 and its Uncommon, should do something i guess, because the other one Raging soul is lv20 (Uncommon too) and i saw his attack a lot of times. If Pure soul its just stats, let me know please.


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            Doesn't matter which Soul you equip as the secondary, the secondary will always just be stats.


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              is not a secondary soul. I was just saying that my merc's soul (PATK-Raging soul) works but Pure soul on my char didnt, im using on my char Pure soul and i dont see any attack and i want to know if Pure soul is just stats or must see the "soul" attacking...


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                Is the attack of the soul equipped to you the same damage type as your character?


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                  ofc! Im a mage, using pure soul... it says recommended for MATK