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Purgatory Bug

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  • Purgatory Bug

    I am unable to take a screenshot because it is random everyday. The normal purgatory will kick you out at random AND say that you have completed it. i have been kicked out with times as low at 2 mins or as high as 5 mins. It is on RARE occasion that I complete all 15 floors. This is true for the entire server s20... not sure of other servers. So my rank in normal purgatory can be way off making rewards less. I keep checking the forum to see if anyone has reported this. Maybe I am missing it. most days it only shows level 14 has the highest to be cleared. Can you please look into this?


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    By all time that I played in s31 I know that once you reach Floor 10 you can be kicked, floors 11 to 15 are totally random like bonus floors to get, once you pass Floor 10 you can be kicked as completed.


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      Thank goodness for guides!


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        Thanks for the help