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Guild Wars Bug? Cheats?

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  • Guild Wars Bug? Cheats?

    I need to know about a few things that some of us saw tonite in guild wars. I know too Ill probly be bashed but I dont care, if you are cheating, then you obviously are pretty sad and pathetic....

    First: I would enter into battle with Person A, and find myself in a battle with Person B, not having finished the first battle.

    Second: I took a base, was the only one around, and the base turned red, then I entered into a battle and died (the dying is to be expected). How can they take a base without killing me?

    Third: A couple of the other side were tagging us for battle and were literally no where near us. When I click on someone sometimes, it tells me I am too far away...

    It was a good battle, high scores but I am having trouble understanding why we lost. If these are normal things, I just want to know to reassure my guild. If there is something fishy, I want to know that as well!

    Thanks in advance, Ill be waiting for answers and I will also see if I can get anyone else to come explain their experiences....

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    The explanation is alright, we just lack any 'proof'. We'll need screenshots and whatnot to be able to actually look into this sort of thing, so if there is a Bug...we can help show it.


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      First and second I have no Ide ill let the mods hadelt those

      the Third one though may be latency issues, I run into this alot in 8v8 there will be nobody around me and I get tagged. but when I come out of battle (usally a loss) they tagger is near me, I know I have lag issues sometimes which is the combination of my laptop, my net, and the game itself.
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        Thanks Aotearoa, obviously in some cases a ss isnt going to be proof, what else can be sent in? Fraps or something like it? What will you accept for proof? You tell me what you need and I will instruct my guild to have them at next guild war.

        Zelitos, I have had the whole latency issue thing and this wasnt it. Alone I wouldnt have cared, but paired with other things and with other people seeing things, Im pretty sure its not 'just that'. Thank you though!


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          You could get a video if you'd like. Sometimes, even if a Screenshot doesn't show anything for you, it could show to others. One thing I can recommend though: When you are attacked by an apparently invisible enemy, have one of your guild members find you and take an SS of nobody else being there while you are in battle.


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            lag probably. usually i can finish battle in 5 to 10 sec. longest probably 30 secs. sometimes i got 2 battle continously but second one was never near me.
            another reason is wrong read from client. means that, data from the server is different than on ur client/browser. plus late correcting. the result may vary, one example= someone can attck u at safe zone

            this is the list what i found in GW (glitch)=
            1. someone can grab tower before first countdown over. (we cant get out from safezone due to countdown but someone already on tower.)
            2. someone lower BR can defeat higher one in one turn. full HP. almost like magic.
            3. 2-3 times battle in a row but u cant see the second and third player.
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              Thank you, I will be looking into this!! New guild war week, new chances to prove myself!! Xros, thanks, its nice to know some of it maybe just lag!!