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Constant disconnect from server

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  • Constant disconnect from server

    Since a few days and for no reason i get disconnect all the time from kongregate server. My internet is fine, and i seems to be the only one having this problem.
    I recently upgraded the guardian to 800 stars, which unlock the new guardian. Could it be the guardian animation being bugged that cause me to get d/c all the time ? The bug seems to happen when i fight this is why i can only see guardian being the problem as i didn't change anything else.

    My character name is Plop.

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    does ur pc time match the server time? If it is different and then u lag a little it will disconnect you. Try to get ur pc time and server time as close as possible. The first time you change ur pc time it may disconnect you. But that is the first thing I would try.


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      Shouldn't really have to matter as other games that a server is on a different time zone as mine do not disconnect me simply because I am playing there.
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        It was working all fine until few days, i didn't change anything to my browser or pc and i find it wierd that any other game run fine and my internet too...
        I really hope they have a look into it as i can't stay connected more than 10 minutes without getting disconnected from server....