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Crusades Bug, had to repeat stage 13

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  • Crusades Bug, had to repeat stage 13

    For some reason after i defeated my opponent on stage 13 and it took my health pts after the fight, he was still there and did NOT go away and let me get the chest. I had to fight him a 2nd time and he took more pts the 2nd time which caused me to NOT be able to finish crusades since he took like 200K pts each time and i may have been able to finish had I not had to refight him. Please look into this bug.
    LutianDS S11 Lvl 69 Hunter
    SnD S93 Lvl 49 Warrior

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    i got it sometimes just wait till they disappear or refresh dont go fight again...its been buggy lately i need to fight the same person 2 or 3 times in diff stages...never happened before
    we need some maintenance here
    MaleTsuki S49