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Bug on cove? or just an in-game reality that peeps doesn't notice.

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  • Bug on cove? or just an in-game reality that peeps doesn't notice.

    Does using a Baron fish gives you % buff on stats? bcoz i just got 1 hit by a player with 100k BR stat below me. which I know BR doesnt mean anything. but srsly if you compare it, mine still better to be just 1 hit in 1 turn. especially by using only a normal attack. coz that player i attacked doesn't use mana gems. if you gonna ask how high mine are compared to him? so i got 1.5M and he got 1.4M. approx ofc. so tell me. Does using a Baron fish gives you % buff? or not? i understand if the player got 2M or more BR stat to be able to 1 hit all of my team with normal attack 1st turn. or if the cove Baron fish do give buff. if its not, then i don't know what the hell it is. and whatever it is, i want to have it to? to be able to 1hit any high player with ease.

    thank you for the admin that will reply on this post.

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    Well, to start with we need your server and in game name. We need to see any screenshots. We need to know the name of the player. You say you got hit, did the player attack you or did you attack the player and his escort was what you encountered?
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      sigh i was too slow to take a screenshot of it because it all happened in 1 turn. bcoz all of my team got wiped in 1 hit without a freaking 1st turn skills. oh well i'll let it pass. it's still a mystery. a player told me maybe its bcoz of fortitude difference and he was correct bcoz my fortitude level is too low and that player (who's one of ur daily diamond buyer player) got high fortitude. and oh? earlier? that player? attacked me on arena and i won 3x in a row winning one-sided. so its srsly a mystery on how i got 1-hit on cove. it's a Baron btw and i attacked it without escort. anyway thanks for the reply i don't have the screenshot so i guess you guys will never believe me. oh well. that's how it goes i guess.

      thanks anyway.


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        daisy he probably inspired if u attacked him he can inspire up x5 times tht will give him +50% on all stats + instant revive
        its no bug this is they way it work when sm1 inspire thier loot u cant plunder unless they guy is way way low on BR if he got 1.4m tht mean wid x5 inspire u just
        fought a guy wid 2.1m BR wid extra stats which can definetely 1hit all ur mercs