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Mage speciality.....need help about it

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  • Mage speciality.....need help about it

    my char is mage level 59...firstly if i allow to complain about mage is their costum.look @ warior or hunter .their costum look so great ; but mage costum so weird, could u do something about it?especialy @ leg part........

    Secondly my big question is what is mage speciality. compare with warior....warior can be a tank for the other merc. they have benefit use 3 attacker merc.
    compare with hunter...hunter have high crit. they can kill a tanker in 1 hit ( sure i know its depend on tank defends ). but generally hunter have great damage crit.
    And Mage? as a tanker its weak, and as an attacker its midle damage only.
    So............could u explain to me what mage speciality???
    TY for helping

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    I would say mage is anti-tank, especially with their 50% mount vigor skill


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      I am a level 71 mage and I am set up for crit fighting as I like to kill them fast. With our pierce ability we are able to get pass a warriors block and that combined with a high matk you can do a lot of damage. Also on mount skill save your poraberry's for when you get your mount to 50% vigor and are able to use the second skill as it is matk and reduces targets block and dodge which is so very helpful against hunters and warriors ! Lastly always double check which skill you are using in your formation as it has a tendency to change depending on where you are, took me a bit to figure out why I could not get beyond a certain floor or player because of this happening.


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        agreed...... SB uses the chinese combat system and a high pierce turns a mage into a def destroyer when they use death unbind......

        pierce in the chinese combat system works differently to pierce in the english combat system.... so pierce in SB has a effect that is not mentioned in any notes.... and I only confirmed it when I started testing a game recently that uses the chinese labelling for the combat system.

        so try high pierce with death unbind..... you just want some hard hitting mercs or PATK characters in 3v3, to shadow you, as they become your damage dealers....

        I used a test build mage with no def, and high pierce, dodge, MATK and Crit DMG, shatter and stun talisman and chain spell..... non casher build ( no vip, no diamonds ) and shredded a warrior build with high block, high def, retaliate, aurora blade that is normally a 8-9 round fight..... warrior died on the 4th round.....
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          once u get a pierce astral on your mage, you will find that warriors get slapped around.


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            Originally posted by TurkeyofS2 View Post
            once u get a pierce astral on your mage, you will find that warriors get slapped around.
            Depend on warrior
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              im a mage with the same build as kit mentioned (dodge, crit pierce etc), while warriors with aurora blade are barely a challange, the same warrior with sanctuary becomes invincible. I cant match his main speed with all my damagers, as he just has to make a very fast unit, while i have to keep my speed gems spread across all damagers. Any help? ty in advance


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                There aren't perfect solutions. If you want to beat that warrior be faster than him, focus at leveling your main character gems. And who said warriors just use speed gems only to their main character? I am a warrior and i spread speed gems to all my mercenaries. And 1 note for people that say mages need high level of pierce astral, if you don't have high level of hit astral as well even if you have a huge amount of damage that don't count for nothing if the warrior can dodge it easily.


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                  the key to a warrior is with sanctuary is that they need a high block and dodge as the block and dodge are rolled separately..... and it would take pierce with stun / stagger talismans to slow them down....

                  the trouble is that you would need most mercs running stun and stagger in order to have the warrior stunned / staggered most of the time

                  sanctuary only works for 2 rounds at a time, so its a case stun / stagger the opponent mercs ...... and spam them with AoE attacks so you are overlap hitting most of the opponent team each round
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                  R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                  Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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                    All focus to stop the warrior, Warrior have mercenaries and pets as well. They must learn how they can counter hole team not just the warriors.


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                      Their teams are easy, but warrior cant be brought down, its why the focus ends on them ^^. Ty kit and papas for your replies. Didnt work, but thats because my damagers can no longer take a round from warrior team (thats normal, his team couldnt take single round either if not for sanctuary). I was considering trying retaliate, matk counter and self destruct. Will see how that goes


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                        Retaliate does not work on mage. MATK counter is Mage version of Warrior/Hunter Retaliate talisman. MATK Counter behaves the same way, but with mage's magic attack (it responds to both MATK and PATK attacks).
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                          i know, i meant on the whole team, so retaliate for patk mercs and matk counter for matk