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Health not recovering in 8v8

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  • Health not recovering in 8v8

    Sorry no screenshots, Ill try to take some next time. though its hard to get a screenshot of my hp bar not filling up.

    Event: 8v8
    Time:16:40 Server time (US East)

    about half way through 8v8 I noticed that my health wasn't recovering while in the safe zone. I also noticed that my team-mates as well as the opposing teams health was also not recovering. The event was almost over when I asked in local chat if anyone else noticed it so this screenshot only shows 1 other person confirming this. If anyone else could confirm this please do.

    Other info. At the point my health stopped recovering I had 22 kills, not sure if that is of importance or not. Also I could not get to a recovery crystal (as there was none on the field) to find out if that would re-trigger the regen.
    Attached Files
    Zelitos - S18 Shadowbound [Illusion Guild]
    Saito - S18 Shadowbound [Illusion Guild]