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Marriage tree bonus

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  • Marriage tree bonus

    So after lvl tree up to 5. I'm pretty sure my br hasn't moved when we hit the guardian bonus, guild one work fine. My question is are we sure the guardian bonus are applying? i got 875/900 guardian stars so i should clearly see the br increase by doing so. Can anyone confirm ?

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    Just got my tree to level 5 and it worked fine. Can't remember what the BR addition was, but it did happen (I was lucky to be on an exact number with lots of 0's, so the tree ruined my perfection!)


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      is the guardian bonus is really giving the additional BR ?
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        Originally posted by Nhiby View Post
        is the guardian bonus is really giving the additional BR ?
        Yes, it is..


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          It's not formation, it's Guardian Stats.
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            I also saw no BR update when I leveled my tree up to L5, but I am 87.33% sure (repeating, of course) that I got about a 6k BR boost. So I suspect that the BR bonus is applied immediately when you have enough affection, and the tree level up is just cosmetic.
            Weird, but good enough.