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accidental banned

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  • accidental banned

    i have filed a ticket already for this but not getting a reply i was banned for no reason at all matter of fact it was in the middle of the night when i was sleeping i came on to play in the morning and it got d/c went to refresh and it gave me that message this role is banned pls contact a g m well um not cool i have dropped tons into this account and it accidentally got banned how can u mess up this bad i am not getting any replies from my tickets i filed either is this how you treat an honest player and so on

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    just give me all my money back since u banned me for no reason and cant even reply to my support tickets even the vet online said it was a mess up and if this is how your gonna treat ur honest players i dont want to play your games anymore !!!!!!!!! just refund me ALL the money i spent on this char the char name is zantia on S80


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      It wasn't an accident. You need to wait for your ticket to be answered.