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Raptor shards bug

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  • Raptor shards bug


    I haven't bought any Raptor shards yet this current event, and still it says 0/20. That's not right, is it?


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    Did you buy them on the last event? Or own the raptor already?
    Check your inventory. We also need character name and server please.


    • #3
      My character name is Serenity, I play on server 13, Rotwood. I have 11 shards in inventory from the last event, and don't own the raptor yet.


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        I still have the same problem now that the event is back.. Still have 11 out of 20 shards in inventory, but am not able to buy any more. If I click on the buy button, it says: Daily purchase limit reached, when I haven't bought anything at all yet. I am able to buy other stuff, just not the shards. So I'm still not able to complete the Raptor..


        • #5
          there is an issue with these things not resetting Aotearoa. last crazy card event i looked, at the level 3 gem packs, and it said i had 30/99 left to purchase. when i hadnt purchased any since the very 1st time the event came around.


          • #6
            We actually sent this in as an issue the last time it came up, but like most things as of lately...haven't heard back from it. I'm continuing to pressure to get answers as quickly as possible but it's proving to be a difficult task.


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              Thnx for sending it in, will just have to be patient I guess


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                I have been sitting on 0/99 level 3 gems for the last 5 crazy card events. And It seems like none of them reset. The alae, potions or the berries.