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Unfair Gameplay

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  • Unfair Gameplay

    IGN: Mhystery
    Server: S81- Star of Celestia

    Sorry I don't know where to post this so I'm gonna try it here.
    There was this guild. Invictus. And I'm a former of this guild.
    The problem arises when I logged into game today only to find out that I was kicked by the Guild Master by the name of "ArizeBomb".
    It said that they need an active player with the capability to donate and help the guild grow. So far in my 5 days of gameplay I'm active. With over 6m donation for the past 5 days only to find out that I got kicked for no reason. I talked to a vet and he told me that i retained all my guild points after joining a new guild.
    That is if I can get the same Bonus BR from what I donated because the lower the level of the guild, the lower bonus of BR I can get until it will level up. So it's
    like taking the donation to level up then removing you so that there are another players to help me with donation? And kicked again? I just found it a complete
    waste of time because not until i can join another Level 5 guild (which is rare because most are maxed) I won't retain the same bonus BR I have.

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    your guild skills will reactivate at the same level as they were in the last guild you were in...... the issue is that you will not be able to level them up unless the guild you are in now, has upgraded the wisdom tower and unlocked the skills, to a higher level than your current skill level.
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      yes sir that's the exact problem, and i need to donate again to the new guild so that it would help it level up. there are only 2 level 5 guilds and most are at level 1.
      so i found it a complete waste of time to donate that amount when i can't get the same BR boost from lower guilds.


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        Actually, your learned guild skills are retained, so you're getting all your BR additives. The only downside is that you (unless you go to another guild with higher skill towers) will have to wait it out until that guild upgrades the tower so you can continue from there. I am currently in a lvl 7 guild with lvl 8 skills (for I had to leave my other one over some drama), so I am going to have to wait until it's upgraded and I can upgrade further.

        Also, if you had donation points in the previous guild, you are docked 30% from the total when you join a new one; whether you were kicked or left on your own accord.
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          You can do the daily guild quests instead of contribute gold. Leveling the guild buildings is a team work and of what i understand you play in a new server so it will take time, have patient, stay in 1 guild and eventually if the guild is active and the guild master give priority to wisdom tower you can level your guild skills fast. Until then you can level your astrals to help you raise your br.