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Regarding the bunny mount

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  • Regarding the bunny mount

    I just got home from work and I cant find any of the old posts about this "glitch" in the general section. I didnt buy any of the shards, but many others have.
    I just wanted to say....not everyone reads the forums and I dont see how they can be penalized for buying something in the shop that is offered to them. I could understand if there was an in game announcement made, but there hasnt been one.
    If someone logs on and spends $$$ and for no reason but there was a problem with the programing they lose their money, that doesnt seem fair.
    How are people supposed to know that they arent supposed to buy the item? Reading the forum isnt a requirement for playing the game.

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    They weren't penalized. The item was actually the Grab bag, which was fixed by reset.


    • #3
      ok...thanks for the reply.
      I had some people asking me.
      But..the ppl that I know wouldnt have spent the diamonds they did on grab bags...are the going to be compensated somehow?
      I will tell them to put in a ticket.


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        Asking about that now. Will update this reply when I get a response.


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          Thanks again


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            Just remembered, it's the weekend for the higher ups. Wont actually be able to get information on that yet, so I'd just say to send in a ticket about it.


            • #7
              Right. I told them to. So if they are really worried about it, they will. If they dont, then I guess they dont care. I tried. Thanks for your help.


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                You're welcome. Good luck to your guild mates.