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Lv 2 Astrella at Lv 39

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  • Lv 2 Astrella at Lv 39

    There's a player on my server I fight in arena whose Astrella guardian does 750 damage instead of 700, which means she must be Lv 2. I was wondering how this was possible, since I've apparently maxed all my stars and still don't have enough for that.


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    He could have reached hb last time and gotten star shards.


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      What's hb?


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        Heroic Battle: You fight with others of your server depending your lvl 30-39, 40-49 .... and top 32 get rewards depending their rang, there is a cross server heroic battle that you fight with other servers as well depending your lvl 30-39, 40-49 etc and you get rewards there as well. Both events are 1 time per month.


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          Yeah it's possible to compete to get star shards and craft those for stars. On my first HB, I had gotten 10 shards to craft the star I need (at 39) to learn the next guardian skill. It's always good for "campers".
          YES!!! You can equip wings (besides the recharge ones) before you hit lvl 40. Save up 70k daily points to craft your first Eagle Wing set and equip. Enjoy.
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