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MODS/DEVS regarding CSHB and the rewards

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  • MODS/DEVS regarding CSHB and the rewards

    is there any intent to go back through the brackets and award people that won/placed their due rewards for cshb? Personally i dont care if you resend the whole cshb rewards and some ppl get double, i would just like to get what i earned. I spent a lot of time and effort building my guy up (and im not a casher) to get to the point where i could actually win cshb and would like to have the reward for achieving that. I would also like to move up as im sure a lot of other ppl would like to also that had waited just for cshb before they moved up in level. And to say its too hard to do is not OUR issue, WE were not the ones that decided to drop an update during cshb and have things go haywire. So, i think its only fair that those that made the decision to drop the update at that time go through a little bit of pain, or make it easy on themselves and just resend all the cshb reward chests again. They have the brackets, so they KNOW who is supposed to get what.

    a response would be nice either positive or negative.
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    I second the OP Here! Here!


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      agreed with him would be nice to have news from you guys seems like we being ignored .....

      we did our reports the way it has to be providing the proof you're asking us plz at least tell us what will happen


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        I have to agree on this issue, as CSHB Rewards should not be such a hard thing to fully comp to those who won or placed for it if the Tables are there clearly showing who won and who positioned for CSHB Rewards.

        I can understand a lot of hesitation over other things lost, but that shouldn't be an issue.
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