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Thieves in my farm

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  • Thieves in my farm

    Does someone know if there is a way to see who has been stealing your crops?

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    nope...theres no way to see atm
    MaleTsuki S49



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      no see is good lolz


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        It's better not to be able to see who steals from you. The enslaving system caused enough drama already. Imagine how much more it will cause when you know which of your friends are stealing form you.
        S1 (Armorgames) - AndrAla

        People have no idea what can they do with Excel and some knowledge how to use it (as well as some imagination and some logical thinking)


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          And add to that...It's on hot events pushing and telling people to steal...A very bad idea

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          S29 Margaux
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            Tasty Farm Produce is tasty... I mean, y'wot?
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              produce is good when shot out of a pressured-air cannon =)
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